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Xtreme was founded to create a better place to drive, we strive to pay top wages within the industry. Being an open-deck/specialized carrier, we base pay off of experience. We feel someone with 20 years of experience should earn a higher rate than someone with only 3 years of experience. We also believe you should be paid for miles which closest reflect the odometer, practical. While many other companies still pay shortest miles, be relieved your mileage reflects 4% greater miles than competitor’s. Oversize loads are paid by “HUB” which reflect actual odometer readings. We pay an extra 12 cpm (or daily rate) for all oversize loads, and a daily rate of $180.00 plus mileage for all super loads (15.0+ wide and 15.0+ tall). In all, our drivers consistently earn more than $65,000 per year!

Additional driver pay
- Tarp pay range from $40.00-$200.00
- Hourly pay starting at $18.00 per hour for all detention, specialized tarping or other hourly work
- Additional short-haul pay
- Truck/trailer breakdown & layover pay
- Per diem allowances
- All miles loaded and empty are paid
- Holiday pay
- Paid weekly by direct deposit or check

Join Our Team
The success of our company depends on the strength of our team. We work closely with our employees to create an environment of Xtreme Respect, Xtreme Performance, and and Xtreme Safety.