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November 1, 2015

Xtreme Trucking has acquired Zernicke Trucking of Abrams, WI. The combination of the two established trucking companies will benefit transportation customers with access to a wider array of services to meet their unique needs, all in one place.

“I am excited to welcome all Zernicke Trucking drivers and staff to our family,” said Travis Nelson, now full owner of Xtreme Trucking and Zernicke Trucking. “I founded my business on the idea that happy, dedicated drivers and staff provide superior customer service. I strongly believe this has helped us succeed through many challenges, including the recession while continuing to grow. I have great respect for our drivers and the value they provide to our transportation customers and that is what our success is all about.”

Nelson stressed that no driver or staff reductions will occur as a result of the acquisition. “Drivers and office staff of both companies will be needed,” he said, “And we’ll all work together to build a better future for customers and the company.”

Going forward, Xtreme Trucking will keep the Xtreme Trucking name and will bring all Zernicke flatbeds under this name. Zernicke Trucking will keep the Zernicke Trucking name for all van and refrigerated business. Together our company will have over 55 power units and 80 trailers.

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